BioKaas Kinderdijk

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BioKaas Kinderdijk

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Located among hundreds of windmills in the South-West of the Netherlands, Biokaas Kinderdijk has been a family- run cheese farm for decades. This Old Gouda cheese matures for nine to twelve months and forms delicious salt and lime crystals during this process. It is creamy, but with a hearty bite like you would expect from a perfect Old cheese. It is perfect for an exclusive cheese plate, but hard to resist for everyday snacking. This cheese goes perfectly with a good glass of wine or beer, but also on a slice of toast or in your pasta.

Just The Facts
Milk type: Cow
Age: 9-12 months
Rennet Type: Vegetarian
Pasteurisation: Pasteurised

Milk and Acid 98.08%, Salt (NL) 1.90%, Rennet Microbial (NL) 0.03%

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