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Greatest Hits

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Here you have it: Old, goat and spicy.  Three of our top cheeses assembled in a lovely Bika box along with the beautiful red wooden cheese cutter.

Amount: 1kg cheese

Old Nobel
Oude Adel translates to Old Noble, and rightly deserves its name. We love the salt crystals and the earthy finish on this natural rind beauty, not to mention the wonderful toasty flavors. A dense, toothsome bite, perfect for pairing with a glass of red wine or a special beer.

Calcium chloride, Acid, Vegetarian rennet, Salt, Plastic coating (0% natamycin)

The Kid
This young goats’ cheese is semi-firm, creamy, and has an elegantly balanced mild and slightly sweet flavour. This is for you when you like goats’ cheese, but without the pungent taste that it is often associated with.

Goat milk and Acid 98.08%, Salt (NL) 1.90%, Rennet Microbial (NL) 0.03%

Greek Goddess
Associated with beauty and pleasure, this Greek goddess, rightly deserves its name. Aphrodite is a creamy Gouda cheese combined with spicy Greek herbs. Many gods believed that her beauty was such that their rivalry over her would spark a war of the gods. Whilst this cheese might not spark a war of the gods, it will astound you and your loved ones with its beautiful appearance and its ability to gracefully flirt with your taste buds.

Organic cow's milk (pasteurized), calcium chloride, starter cultures, vegetarian rennet (fromase), organic black olives (olives, herbs, garlic, potato flakes, olive oil, sunflower oil, sea salt, lemon juice), organic oregano, organic pepper, organic garlic, organic black pepper, plastic coating ()% natamycin).

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