Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt

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Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt

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Marienwaerdt is a beautiful family estate that has been running for 280 years and has a rich history of cheese-making. Even though Marienwaerdt is a small farm, the quality of their cheese has been recognized throughout the Netherlands. Cannot decide between young and mature? Even Gelegen will give you the best both worlds: It is creamy and wonderfully soft like a young cheese, but with the wonderful taste of a matured cheese.

Just The Facts
Milk type: Cow
Age: 2-3 months
Rennet Type: Vegetarian
Pasteurisation: Pasteurised

Calcium chloride, Acid, Vegetarian rennet, Salt, Plastic coating (0% natamycin)

Choose 1kg cheese and get around 25% discount. 
Choose 1.5kg and get around 35% discount.

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