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BioKaas Kinderdijk

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Located among hundreds of windmills in the South-West of the Netherlands, Biokaas Kinderdijk has been a family- run cheese farm for decades. This young goats’ cheese is semi-firm, creamy, and has an elegantly balanced mild and slightly sweet flavour. This is for you when you like goats’ cheese, but without the pungent taste that it is often associated with.

Just The Facts
Milk type: Goat
Age: 1-1,5 months
Rennet Type: Vegetarian
Pasteurisation: Pasteurised

Goat milk and Acid 98.08%, Salt (NL) 1.90%, Rennet Microbial (NL) 0.03%

Choose 1kg cheese and get around 25% discount. 
Choose 1.5kg and get around 35% discount.

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