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Wilde Weide

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Kaasboerderij De Vierhuizen is a small family-run farm. This organic farm has been run by Theo and Lidia for the last 40 years and today their son Freek also helps with the cheese production. With 45 cows and 30 calves, this small farm is located in the South-West of the Netherlands close to a national park. This land provides rich, nutritious grazing for the cows, which produce a luscious milk that then becomes this renowned farmer cheese. De Vierhuizen make cheese year-round, and, like any good cheese the taste and appearance vary according to the seasons. This traditional Gouda cheese is fresh and buttery with a savoury, nutty bite.

Just The Facts
Milk type: Cow
Age: 2-6 months
Rennet Type: Animal
Pasteurisation: Raw

Organic raw milk, animal rennet(Leb), Lactic acid bacteria, Salt (1.8%)

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