About us

Our mission is to connect cheese lovers with cheese makers. 

Exclusive cheese

BiKa makes it possible for you to have high quality organic cheese at home. Our cheeses can only be found in specialty cheese shops, selective markets or in high quality restaurants, which means it is not easily accessible. Yet, we believe that everyone should have access to great cheese because of this we have handpicked some of the best cheeses in the country.


All our cheese is organic, meaning the milk comes from animals that walk around the meadows freely and all our cheese are free from unnatural or harmful additives. Organic cheeses are made with organic milk from farms that care about respecting nature’s balance and ensuring the well-being of animals. Cows that produce this milk are fed organic foods with no synthetic chemicals. In addition, farmers maintain their grazing areas without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and refrain from using hormones or genetically modified organisms. The organic cheese contains also significantly less salt, which makes it a healthier choice than the majority of the other cheeses.

Directly from the farmers

We pick our cheese directly from the farms and bring it to you. Why? Because cheese is a living organism; the taste changes depending on how it is treated and what environment it is in. When the cheese has the perfect temperature and condition it can keep its original taste. By not letting our cheese take the long detour through wholesalers and stores, we avoid the cheese being kept in storage and vacuumed bags prolonging its life cycle by months. We bring the experience of enjoying cheese the way it has been done hundreds of years ago, freshly created by the farmers directly to your kitchen table.

Sustainable and environment friendly

All the products used by BiKa has been consciously chosen to leave as little footprint as possible. The Bika box is made by ecological cardboard and the Bika cheese paper is made of recycled paper. The sticker on the cheese is made from vegan paper, meaning it consist of mineral and only plant-based material that are not harmful to our environment. Even our bank is green, supporting only ethical profit.