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1. Local organic farmers make the cheese with care
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About us

BiKa stands for Biologische Kaas which means organic cheese in Dutch, these cheeses are produced with a lot of care by local farmers in The Netherlands. The milk comes from animals that walk around the meadows freely and all our cheese is free from unnatural additives. We pick up our cheese directly from the farms and bring it to you. Why? Because cheese is a living organism; its taste changes depending on how it is treated and what environment it is in. When the cheese has the perfect temperature and condition it can keep its original taste which, you would only find on the farmers kitchen table or high-quality restaurants. By not letting our cheese taking the long detour through wholesalers and stores, prolonging its life cycle by months of being kept in storage and vacuumed bags. We bring the experience of enjoying cheese the way it has been done hundreds of years ago, freshly created by the farmers directly to your kitchen table.